Lifting up all police officers everywhere

"When you see them, pray for them."
Prayer Postcards 4 Police is a ministry that thanks and prays for ALL police officers. In Canada, our team prays for officers, while colouring Prayer Postcards. A handwritten note on the back of the card expresses a very specific thanks and then invites the officer to make a personal prayer request directly to us. A stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed for them to use. In turn, we commit to pray for the officer’s request. We encourage the officer to keep the Prayer Postcard in a meaningful place as a reminder that they are treasured.

For police officers outside of Canada, we distribute an International Prayer Postcard. The symbol on the postcard, along with three scriptures express a citizen’s responsibility to pray for police officers. The prayer on the back of the International Prayer Postcard reminds officers that we are encouraging the citizens of the world to pray for them.

Our prayer for police officers is printed on the back and can be used by large groups who want to honour officers by reading our prayer aloud and in unison for officers in their presence.


Photo credit: Laura Hodson Photography

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